Pvu Schedule 2022 Best Way To Know Your Pvu Batch Schedule

Pvu Schedule 2023 Best Way To Know Your Pvu Batch Schedule

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Pvu Schedule 2023 Best Way To Know Your Pvu Batch Schedule

Pvu Schedule 2022 Best Way To Know Your Pvu Batch Schedule

Pvu Horarios – How Do You Know Your Specific Batch Schedule?

Plant Versus Undead, or PVU, is an NFT-based video game that focuses on the same themes as Plants vs. Zombies, making the game particularly appealing to international players. The game includes building a plant army inside the gardens to hunt out zombie creatures. It is an intriguing game using NFT assets.

But, owing to batch scheduling, many gamers are unable to check in to their accounts. The creators use a scheduling method to ensure that everyone can enjoy the game regardless of server demand.

What Is The Pvu Schedule System?

PVU’s creators use a unique scheduling method to divide gamers into separate batches and allow all players to enjoy gaming. Each game ID assigns to a certain batch, thus worldwide users must check their game account to ensure they are using the correct batch.

At any one moment, one group may enter and enjoy gaming. This implies that all participants will be able to take part in the game, reducing server load. Each batch will get a one-hour interval. Currently, 2-4 batches may enjoy the sport, but this will rise to 12 batches in twenty minutes.

Pvu Horarios lingering – Pvu Batch Time

Here is their most current batch scheduling email list:

•1 Group – 01:00, 05:00, 09:00
•2 Group – 01:20, 05:20, 09:20
•3 Group – 01:40, 05:40: 09:40
•4 Group – 02:00, 06:00, 10:00
•5 Group – 02:20, 06:20, 10:20
•6 Group – 02:40, 06:40, 10:40

Players in groups 1-6 must follow the timetable outlined above. While players in groups 7-12 must visit the official website to learn about Pvu Horarios and take part in the sport.

It is not a permanent schedule since it is subject to change at any moment, especially when there is heavy traffic around the server, game updates, and server maintenance. Players may also get the most up-to-date schedule by visiting the PVU Discord Server or Twitter page.

How Can You Discover Your Specific Batch Pvu Schedule?

Following the last update on August 31, 2021, the developers defined the items, making it easier for players to determine which Pvu Horarios they belong to and when they may take part in the NFT-based game.

Players must visit the agricultural page to view the error notice. And determine which group they belong to. It also displays the remaining time for you to join and take part in the game. Remember that only white-colored-listed game accounts may access and play the game. As a result, ensure that your gaming account is white-listed.


Many participants lock from participating in the NFT (Non-Fungible Token)-based game. It’s either because of changes in the Pvu Horarios or because the game account the developers may not have white-listed.

Players that are unable to enter the game despite adhering to farming schedules must contact the PVU staff through their discord server or message them on their Twitter handle page. Because you understand the PVU schedules, enter the game and play to avoid complications.

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