Kristine Hermosa Siblings 2022 Who Is Kristine Hermosa Sister?

Kristine Hermosa Siblings 2023 Who Is Kristine Hermosa Sister?

Kristine Hermosa Siblings 2023 Who Is Kristine Hermosa Sister? is our today’s topic. There are many experts whose family members have worked in the same field. We hear about brother or sister competitiveness and competition among one another.

Regardless of bloodline links, especially if the occupation is from the screen. Many brothers and sisters will labor in the market, with no comparison to each other’s efforts. We’ve spoken about the Kristine Hermosa Brothers and Sisters, their works, and their plain family ties. Which their admirers in the Philippines want to know about.

Kristine Hermosa Siblings 2023 Who Is Kristine Hermosa Sister?

Kristine Hermosa Siblings 2022 Who Is Kristine Hermosa Sister?

Kristine Hermosa, Who Are you?

Kristine Hermosa is a well-known actress in the Filipino business who has been in several regional and international television series and films. The Kristine Hermosa Orille-Sotto is her full name. She or he prefers the Spanish term meaning lovely, Hermosa.

Kristine wadded to actor Diether Ocampo for 5 years until their divorce. She married presenter and actor Oyo Boy Sotto last year, and the pair has five children. Kristine Hermosa’s siblings are visible on her behalf in social networking postings. Kristine was thrust into the spotlight at the age of twelve and soon began working in drama serials.

Pangako Sa ‘Yo, a famous television programme, gave Hermosa her big break in 2000. She then spent almost two decades in the entertainment world, playing prominent parts in several films and soap operas.

Kristine Hermosa’s Notable Works

Kristine played Ysabel in ABS-‘Til CBN’s Dying Do Us Part,’ which aired in 2005. This year, she appeared in the one-of-a-kind fantasy-action series Noah as a diwata, a mythological figure. Please continue reading to learn more about Kristine Hermosa’s brothers and sisters.

Her first notable part for Global Media Arts was in Hay, Bahay. Which aired in 2016 and 2017, in which she played the character of Batch. In 2018, she returned to the market with Bagani, an adventure and fantasy drama produced by ABS-CBN.

Kristine will also serve as a Selecta Frozen Treats corporate ambassador beginning in 2020.

Receipt Of Awards

Kristine Hermosa rose to become this area’s Office Queen in 2006, owing to her fame and achievement. She appeared to be among the honorees at the 2011 New York Film Festival for Dahil May Isang Ikaw.

Kristine Hermosa Siblings Info

Kathleen Hermosa Is the Older Sister Of Kristine Hermosa. Who is also a well-known Filipino actress? Kathleen’s well-known soaps include Honesto, Nathaniel, The Great Boy, and others. Her most recent project was the television miniseries Staria, in which she played Frida.

Kristine Hermosa has another sister, Maxine, and a brother, Joshua Miguel. The Hermosa brothers and sisters make regular updates on social media. Their family relationship seems to be improving.


Although there may be allegations about their brother or sister rivalry. It’s clear from the images Kristine Hermosa Brothers. And sisters post that they have a close friendship. Kathleen is also shown spending quality time with Kristine’s children in the majority of the postings. You may be attentive to learning more about Kristine Hermosa and her well-known serials.


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