Four Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Are Busted

Four Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Are Busted

Four Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Are Busted. As the world moves from analog to digital, digital marketing has become increasingly important. Brands are realizing the value of having an online presence as more people consume content online.

Digital marketing, according to Ahmad Sultan, managing director of Mightywarner (Digital Marketing Company) a Dubai-based agency, can help GCC start-ups thrive by bringing businesses closer to their target consumers and creating an omnichannel customer experience.

Four Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Are Busted

“Because start-ups typically operate on a shoestring budget and are pressed for time, digital marketing allows them to communicate their most essential customer experiences in a way that is impactful, scalable, and agile,” he noted. “It also tracks, monitors, analyses, and interprets their target audience’s buying behavior and preferences.”

Four Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing Are Busted.

According to the GSMA, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area has 264 million mobile Internet users in 2019, accounting for 43 percent of the population. By 2025, this percentage will have risen to 53%, with 357 million users.

“Given the region’s large number of social media users, it’s critical for start-ups to adopt a digital marketing plan and target these online consumers,” Sultan said. “In this ‘instant’ digital age, new client acquisitions, brand visibility,

and impactful revenue-generating potential will be difficult without a digital marketing strategy in place. With a targeted and robust digital marketing approach, even start-ups on a shoestring budget may effectively reach millions of people around the world.”

Marketing online can be a scary proposition for some GCC entrepreneurs, and there are various myths that may influence their decision to enter the online realm.

Digital marketing, being a relatively new kind of marketing, is riddled with fallacies — this isn’t just a GCC problem, according to Sultan. He debunks four of the most common digital marketing myths in her article:

1. The Outcomes Of A Campaign Are Available Immediately.

“Results aren’t immediate, just as with any marketing campaign; it takes time from the commencement of any communication strategy to see actual results,” He explained. However, it is still faster than traditional marketing, allowing you to rapidly measure results and alter different aspects of your campaign to reach the intended impact and objectives.

2. More Traffic Equals More Revenue.

It is commonly assumed that the more traffic a website receives, the more leads it will receive, resulting in more sales for the business. However, Sultan warns that the majority of this traffic may not be from your target demographic and will therefore not convert into leads.

“Your digital marketing plan should be used to understand your target demographic and bring focused traffic to your website in order for it to be successful. When opposed to simply driving more traffic, driving focused traffic will show to be more beneficial, providing a higher conversion rate and ROI. After all, it’s quality, not a number, that counts.”

3. Spamming Is Inherent In All Forms Of Email Marketing.

“It may come as a surprise, but email marketing is perhaps one of the most profitable marketing techniques available since it provides a higher return on investment and more options for a company. According to the Active managing director, it is more focused, cost-effective, and measurable.

He did point out, however, that email marketing has a black side, in which marketers abuse it by spamming people with useless material. Create helpful information, including reports, promotions, critical updates, and news, to ensure email marketing initiatives are successful, according to Sultan.

“These can be a really effective and valuable digital marketing technique. Email marketing boosts your company presence and supports your social media strategy.”

4. All Social Media Platforms Must Be Investigated.

Sultan warns that the demand to explore all social media marketing channels is not a hoax, but rather a mistake that many start-ups and even well-established enterprises make. Businesses create a slew of accounts on numerous platforms for no reason, and as a result, they waste time, money, and other resources.

“Instead, businesses should develop a focused social media strategy and investigate each social media platform to see which will work best for their business objectives, solution or product offering, and other factors,” he said.

Consider the following crucial variables when developing a social media marketing strategy: the product or service you’re offering, as well as the available human and financial resources.

“While social media is free, consider the value of your time. Determine which social media outlets are most relevant to your business and excel at one or two of them rather than mediocre at five or six,” he added.


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Ahmad Sultan is a content writer at Mighty Warner a digital marketing agency in Dubai. He is a renowned marketing copywriter for top businesses, startups, and firms globally. He is also a copywriter with a PAS formula background.


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